The birth of Kiddie Komfies began in Ontario, Oregon in 1976.  

Hi, I’m Relia Skinner, the creator of Kiddie Komfie patterns.

I first developed the Kiddie Komfie patterns as a result of wanting to supply the new arrivals in my family with a creative gift they could snuggle and treasure.  I ran across a picture of a cat that had a great shape but was too large to applique.  I kept the shape, contoured the image, and Kiddie Komfies came to life.

As other images and patterns came to life, I saw the potential to go commercial.  With help from my sister, Neoma Heap, patterns for baby quilts, latch hook rugs, and wall hangings came to life.  Kiddie Komfies flourished until my husband’s failing health took priority and Kiddie Komfies was temporarily retired.

I am proud to announce the re-birth of Kiddie Komfies and the characters that go with it.  My daughter Judy is now distributing the patterns.  More Vintage patterns will soon be returning and New creations.  

Please take the time to look at our website.  These patterns are fun to make and dearly loved by those who receive them.